March 10 – 14, 2021


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Flowing on the inside, thriving on the outside. Kierstie teamed up with Britany Bamrick of Bliss Camp Retreats for a gratitude, goal-setting & vinyasa yoga retreat California getaway at Cactus Moon Retreat – just outside of Joshua Tree national park & the colorful desert town of Palm Springs. This women’s retreat was a soulful sacred weekend with nature & wellness immersion, in the most Instagram-worthy, dreamy desert-chic oasis.

Vortex Vibes

Flowing on the inside, thriving on the outside. Join Bliss Camp Retreats & Kierstie Porr for gratitude, goal-setting and vinyasa yoga retreat California getaway at Cactus Moon Retreat, just outside of Joshua Tree National Park at the colorful deserty town of Palm Springs. Experience SoCal sun in this sacred weekend nature and wellness immersion in the most Instagram-worthy, dreamy desert-chic oasis.

What to Expect From This Yoga Retreat California?

Four nights in the high desert, inviting in radical transformation and harnessing the manifestation powers of the sacred Joshua Tree. This is an opportunity to dig deep into your dharma surrounded by a badass girl gang. Anchor yourself in the magnitude of the Mojave desert through moving meditation, pranayama, new moon ritual and a DIY sage smudge stick making workshop. In addition to Asana, we’re taking a deep dive into soul work. A heart-centered energy clearing to gain clarity with purpose and tactical practices to manifest your truth. *cue serious #holyshift moments*


A non-refundable deposit of $300 plus a processing fee will reserve your space in the accommodation of your choice. All balances are due on or before December 1. Please visit our registration page to view all rooming options for this yoga retreat California.


Meet the Team

Kierstie Payge

Kierstie Payge

Beam of Light

About Kierstie

An Austin native turned San Diego powerhouse, Kierstie is a worldly, epic beam of light who will leave you dripping with sweat with sick sequencing. Be ready for some Post Malone playlists, #inspiredaf by her spiritual stories & wisdom, and ignited to live to your fullest potential, with radical authenticity. She sees time on the mat as a catalyst to transform and heal off the mat. If you hang with her long enough, you will start to believe you are capable of anything.

Follow her and her fur baby, Cosmo, living the dream at @kierstie_payge.

Brittany Bamrick

Brittany Bamrick

Purpose Driven

About Brittany

Passionate & purpose-driven. Brittany has been devoted to serving students on their mats since late 2013. The former northeast area lead, master trainer and yoga boutique manager in Florham Park, NJ with Life Time – the healthy way of life company, Brittany has since moved to San Diego to pursue her doctorate in acupuncture and Chinese medicine at Pacific College of Health and Science. Brittany’s natural inclination for fulfilling her ‘why’ has led her across the country, constantly living on the edge, continuing her journey to heal and serve, and in doing so, allowed the most beautiful blessings into her life.

Follow her journey of love and light in San Diego on Instagram, @vinyasanista.

Lindsay Jones

Lindsay Jones

Artisian Chef

About Lindsay

Lindsay is an accomplished chef, artisanal jam-maker, and rockstar mama hailing from San Juan Capistrano, CA. A forever entrepreneur, she is the executive chef of JD Flannel Donuts and Coffee, recently named the best donut shop in California. She is also the founder of Lindsay Jones Jams, an artisanal jam company. Aside from hosting local cooking classes and pop-up shops throughout Orange County (lululemon, anyone?!), Lindsay can be found on her yoga mat at Life Time Athletic in Laguna Niguel or on a hike overlooking the Pacific with her precious daughter Wynnie and their recently-adopted pup. Lindsay is stoked to share her delicious expertise in organic, elevated farm-to-table cooking throughout our weekend in Joshua Tree. #nomaste

Follow her sweet life at @lindsayjonesjams.


Immerse Into the Moment


Sunrise meditation and breathwork


Local, farm-to-table nourishment


Gratitude & goal-setting workshops


Digital detox


Swoon-worthy sunset photoshoot


Hiking Joshua Tree National Park


Crystal and cacao-infused new moon ritual


DIY floral and sage smudge stick making


Expansive flows


Moonlit s’mores by the firepit