Refine Your Teaching & Reconnect with Your Why

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What to Expect

An opportunity for yoga teachers to fine-tune their teaching skills with a flexible program specifically designed to assist in the creation of their unique voice and path as an instructor. My mentorship program offers a higher curriculum that dives into refining your current skills and adding a toolbox of others. We cover all things from a deeper understanding of dynamic asana, finding your niche, curating workshops and retreats, becoming a yogi entrepreneur, artistry and so much more. 

If you are craving inspiration, refinement and the opportunity to reconnect to your teaching and practice this is the perfect fit for you.


Program Details


Weekly one-hour conversational lectures, either in-person or virtual


Practice teaching and feedback session


5 to 8 omwork sessions


Access to full virtual library


Guided meditation at the end of every session


Free guest pass to Kierstie’s available classes around San Diego


More Info



Have completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training program or equivalent


Option 1: $777 (5 Weeks)

Option 2: $1,111 (8 Weeks)


You chose your start date, and lecture days and times are flexible to fit your schedule

Designed for You

I cant wait to work with you. 


Conversational Lectures

While in the program you will have first access to my guest passes at my local San Diego Studios. Check my schedule here. If you are not local, I strongly suggest you take 2 of my free virtual practices a week, which can be found at Yoga by Kierstie Payge.

Extended mentorships are available upon request, please contact me with any questions. I cannot wait to work with you.

Week 1

Finding Your Voice

Goal Setting, confidence, presence, energy, body language, and reconnecting with your why.

OmWork: Your perfect day exercise + 2 Acts of Service.

Week 2

Elevating Your Craft

Cuing, effective language, class blueprint & creative dynamic sequencing.

OmWork: Create two sequences – one intended for beginners and one for “advanced.”

Week 3

Flow State

Practice teaching + feedback on your Sequence to be done in-person or virtually.

OmWork: Journal on what yoga means to you and how your life has changed because of this practice.

Week 4

Yoga for Everyone

Adjustments, assists, prop usage, accessibility for beginners or limitations; fundamental concepts and pose modification.

OmWork: Teach a class to a beginner, bonus points if it’s someone with limited mobility.

Week 5

The Power of Artistry

Making playlists, dharma talk, empowering through theming, lighting, and holding impactful space.

OmWork: Create one epic playlist tied to a specific theme.

Week 6

The Yogi Entrepreneur

Niche clarity, branding, marketing, business development, website development, and building an online presence. 

OmWork: Get business cards, sign up for thumbtack, start your website, film a class, and start building your yoga business in a way that feels authentic.

Week 7

Expand Outside the Box

Basics on curating retreats, workshops, booking events, parties and privates, running yoga programs, and more.

OmWork: journal on your ultimate vision as a yoga instructor + the action steps to take towards that goal + a timeline of when you want it to manifest.

Week 8

The Choice is Yours

We can expand on anything you would like to talk about or practice teaching and do feedback, this is your hour to pick my brain and work together to make sure you received everything you hoped to get out of our time together!

OmWork: Get out there and share your beautiful gifts with the world.