I went to the retreat knowing one person, and left with 13 new friends. The space held by Kierstie and Brittany allowed for us to connect with each other outside of the yoga studio. The nourishment allowed us to show up every day fueled with energy. The practices allowed us to build up our physical health, and strengthen our mental health. Very grateful for the experience!

It was an HONOR to experience my first yoga retreat with the ladies! The care, intention and authenticity that they delivered during our retreat provided an unparalleled experience that I will never forget. Just because I said yes to being open and accepting my spot, that only got me half way to living the rest of my life in clear and intentional bliss. Thanks to my experience in Pachamama, BCS Mexico that these ladies provided, I finally have the confidence and openness I was longing for.

This was my first ever yoga retreat and it met all of my expectations! The property was such a cool place – sleeping in A Teepee was such a fun glamping- style experience! Your days started with intention with their daily morning Yoga Flow and then you had so much free time to do as you pleased! Getting to enjoy the homemade local cuisine was wonderful and the staff was super attentive! The group Bonfire the last night was such a fun way to wrap up the week!

There is something magical that happens when Kierstie and Brittany collaborate! Their love of one another, family, community, yoga, personal growth, travel, oozes out of them and is infectious! They will love and support you throughout the retreat that you will leave feeling strong & balanced, inspired, self-aware and that you now have two sisters for life!